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e-Schools in the World

e-Schools are a global challenge, accepted by many countries of the world. This page provides information on some of them, as a start of researching foreign experiences from which Croatian e-Schools can learn.


Through its 2008 e-Šolstvo project, the Republic of Slovenia prepared comprehensive digital content for the curricula of primary and secondary schools, which it offered to the entire educational system, and wider – as open educational resources under the Creative Commons licence.


In 2012, the Polish Council of Ministers approved the national programme “Digital Schools” aimed at developing digital competences of students and teachers in the application of Information and communications technologies.

During the pilot stage, four components were carried out:

  • e-teacher: preparation of teachers for classes, communication with students and parents;
  • e-textbook: preparation of public digital educational resources, ensuring access and free open e-textbooks;
  • e-school: providing schools with the required infrastructure.
  • e-student: providing students with access to contemporary didactic tools.

You can find more information at: Open Educational Resources in Poland: Challenges and Opportunities (2013)