Mobilni izbornik Tražilica


Previous experiences of introducing ICT into the educational system show positive results, but also point to potential failures. When making such a large investment, it is key to make informed decisions regarding the methods of the investments made and the project implementation as well as the real needs of the beneficiaries. This is why during the preparation and implementation of the project, as well as after its completion, research will be carried out on the impact of the project activities on the educational system.

There are two main types of research activities during the project preparation used to make sure the projects are well-planned:

  • overview of literature, including studies on the use of ICT in schools, especially in Europe and Croatia
  • research on the needs of the project beneficiaries and experts in Croatia through the organization of focus groups, interviews and surveys.

Studies on the use of technology in education:

During the project implementation, a series of target research studies will be carried out in order to determine the impact of project activities on the system and its participants.